Kids who know that they have a good education and who feel confident in their abilities to interact with others satisfyingly allow themselves to dream Big Dreams! They know that they are prepared to make their dreams a reality -- that their dreams are not foolish!

Self confidence gives our young people the ability to believe in themselves -- to envision themselves as actually living a bright future! It helps them to stand a little taller, dream a little wider -- and dare to open doors in any life direction they desire.

The kindness-based skill sets that The EoK brings for young people to be ready to actively pursue their hopes and dreams are not just about "being a nice person" -- though that tends to happen, too, when we try to live lives of kindness-in-action! The Etiquette of Kindness rounds out young people's education by bringing what they all need to know to feel confident and to secure more opportunities for personal success: skillful communications of all types, written, spoken, face-to-face, electronic; fairness and equanimity-seeking skills; self-presentation skills, including timeliness, basic good grooming and more healthful life choices.

By teaching all of our young people to be "book smart" and "life smart" we make educational equality not just a talking point, but practical and doable!  We give all of our kids the vision to Dream Big Dreams -- and the reality of a brighter future. That's good for us all!

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