We Love Our Fan Mail!

11 September 2013 on Etiquette in Action, News by John

The EoK really enjoys receiving "Thank you!" notes -- whether from The President & First Lady of the United States -- OR, as a long, hand-written, carefully crafted letter from a wonderful young 4th. grader in a public school in Southern California! We liked receiving the note from The White House with its "...Your gesture serves as a reminder of the kindness of the American people..." However, we loved our fourth grader's: "Thank you for letting our class be a part of introducing The Etiquette of Kindness...One of my favorite chapters was 6: Thank You!...The Etiquette of Kindness is a wonderful reminder telling the reader 'NEVER FORGET YOUR MANNERS!'" (Her caps)
The official note pleased us, but required no further response; the letter from our young friend, made numerous comments and asked questions, including "Are you planning on writing anymore books?" This called for a warm response; it was our delight to write back!

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