Oakridge High Kids Get It!

16 November 2012 on Etiquette in Action, News by Dave

Here’s a great video effort by young people in the Art Media Club at Oakridge High School in El Dorado Hills, California.  Deeply concerned about the dire effects of consigning young people to devastating social separation, labeling, bullying and unacceptability, they have put their wisdom, talents and passions to good use!

Take a look!

These kids know all too well that:

…When we want to create it, the list of possible put-downs -- of excuses for assigning people to separation, otherness and unacceptability -- is endless...

They know that the effects this ugliness can be hideous, even resulting in the destruction of young lives.

But they are not remaining silent!  They have a message of US that we fully support, as we believe that:

…It’s not difficult to use our words kindly, to use them in ways to offer empowerment, encouragement and respectful recognition of others!  It takes awareness of the great impact that words can have to either help – or hurt -- and awareness that sometimes the impact of our word (good or bad) is felt for a lifetime!

“…With our Etiquette of Kindness we can learn the many skillful ways to better use the power of our words… We can embrace others in kindness… Separation then vanishes like magic -- and we are US!

That’s our Etiquette of Kindness in action!

Together, we can make a powerful, courageous Community of Kindness that has a big impact!

Thanks, Oakridge High students, for making a difference – go kindness --  go YOU!

Quotations excerpted from The Etiquette of Kindness – It’s Not Just About the Right Fork!
Chapter 9, Of Sticks and Stones…and Words that Hurt – or Help! © 2012

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