While we may not be subject to having to respond to a sign posted outside of a restaurant, abruptly stating the rock-bottom dress code, we can learn by this common posting that speaks to basic thoughtfulness anywhere we dine with others.  The EoK agrees that this is an instance when "more" is better!

During the hot summer months, it might seem "logical" for guys to go to the kitchen or family dining table just bare-chested, without a shirt or for gals to come to the table with only a bikini top or bathing suit and no other upper covering. However, high temperatures do not make this an acceptable, respectful thing to do while dining with others -- any others ("even" family) --  at a table of any sort.

Other than while actually lounging poolside, ocean-side, riverside or lakeside and perhaps catching a snack, light lunch or beverages while in a chaise or camping/patio side chair (not drawn up to a dining table), there is no time when a young boy/man of any age should be shirtless while dining. That includes eating outside at a patio table, public or private, waterside or not; some sort of light shirt/jacket is always required in these instances. It just shows respect and kind consideration in our Western society -- as well as in many societies of our world. Likewise, for girls or women of any age, some sort of shirt or light cover-up should be worn over a bathing suit/bikini when dining at a table, anywhere in the U.S. and in many spots in the world.

In any situation, as caring human beings, we do certain things, including wearing appropriate clothing, to show our respect for and enjoyment with others.  So, we always remember that when dining together, whether seated solo at a table while surrounded by other diners at other tables, or seated at a table of our friends or family, eating together is not just about refueling our bodies, "chowing down" or eating something we like.  Dining in the presence of others -- dining in community -- is a group effort and, hopefully, a celebration of our human experience, another moment for mutual appreciation and for pleasant conversation!

With a little care, we can eliminate thoughtless, ill-mannered actions, -- including distracting, insensitive attire choices; instead,  with some basic awareness and kindly respect, we can help make dining together a fun, enjoyable time for all!

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