Here at The Etiquette of Kindness, we are doing some first-quarter-since-publication accounting of The Etiquette of Kindness' outreach to young people. In that small space of time, via requests, donations and purchases, at least two-hundred and thirty-two (232) teachers are now adapting and implementing The EoK's kindness-in-action, door-opening, opportunity-creating skills and courtesies with their students!

And, if we conservatively extrapolate some class numbers from that -- let's say 232 teachers teaching only one group of young people a day, at a conservative class size estimation of 23 students per class (likely @ + 9 more students/class for public schools; @ -5 fewer/class for private), that means that The EoK is helping teachers to enhance approximately 5,336 students' lives each and every day!

This number does not include those dedicated homeschooling and other parents and grandparents who simply turn to The EoK for assistance in sharing opportunity-creating, kindness-based skills and courtesies with their children. With those efforts factored in, our 3-month tally of daily outreach to young people is even more robust than the conservative estimation of 5,336 young people daily impacted by The Etiquette of Kindness!

Additionally, we concluded March with a donation of 12 copies to libraries in El Dorado County's library system, where they are warmly welcomed by reading-promoting, young-people-loving-and-supporting, generous librarians. These professionals are eager to provide The Etiquette of Kindness' can-do, positive attitude and opportunity-creating skills with young readers, their teachers and families.

We are delighted with the overall, enthusiastic welcome of The Etiquette of Kindness by teachers, parents, grandparents and all other professional and passionate supporters of young people!

Here's what's in the offing for The Etiquette of Kindness in April, May, June, July and August, thus far:

Book signings and author chats during the spring and summer months at libraries and independent book sellers;

May finds EoK's author, Suzanne-Marie English, as keynote speaker for the Elk Grove Police Activities League fundraising luncheon;

August takes The Etiquette of Kindness to the California State Homeschooling Association's Conference, with Suzanne-Marie a speaker there, every day, over the three days;

Continued outreach to parents, grandparents, teachers, schools, civic groups, libraries, corporate entities and all individuals and groups dedicated to young people and to a kinder, more decent future for them -- and for us all!

We welcome all of your ideas for outreach of The Etiquette of Kindness!

Since The Etiquette of Kindness is so much more than "just a book", but is a kindness-in-action movement promoting door-opening, opportunity-creating kindness-based skills and choices for our young people, there is really no limit in what can be conceived as outreach and enhancement for The EoK's kindness-in-action purpose! No school group, parent group, civic entity, corporate activity, library system, independent book seller, community group or public speaking engagement is "minor" or "too small" to be meaningful. Each child that The EoK reaches and whose future it may enhance, counts!

We thank each and every one of you -- concerned and loving adults of all descriptions and callings -- for your initial support, your ideas and connections...And, we ask that your creative thinking and generous networking continue -- we still need and always will need, your help!

Please continue to send us your ideas, your contacts for placing The EoK!

Please do review The Etiquette of Kindness in all book venues (Amazon, Good Reads, Barnes and Noble...), social networking sites...

"Like" The EoK online everywhere!

Gift The Etiquette of Kindness -- It's Not Just About the Right Fork!

Make suggestions to us as to who -- what teacher, school or what public entity -- might appreciate The EoK and likely spread its good works and words to more and more young people! (To date, The EoK has donated over 200 copies; with your suggestions, we will be donating many more!)

And, every public speaking, TV or radio engagement magnifies The Etiquette of Kindness' work hundreds and thousands-fold; please help us with ideas and contacts!

Sign up on our website (use the Contact page) to receive quarterly updates (with occasional added good-news flashes) from The Etiquette of Kindness.

We believe that, working together, and using such tools as The Etiquette of Kindness, we can create a healthy, vast Community of Kindness, filled with more positive choices and greater opportunities for our skillful, can-do, kindly and responsible young people, catching fire with kindness!

Thank you for your continued help!

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