About the Book 

The Etiquette of Kindness -- It's Not Just About the Right Fork!


With good cheer and from a standpoint of “we”, The Etiquette of Kindness – It’s Not Just About the Right Fork is a lively, useful guide to Skills and Courtesies for Our Time -- A Manual for Young People (and Others!).

In twenty chapters, The Etiquette of Kindness brings together the author’s over fourteen years of classroom teaching of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. With the same richness of content, accessibility, practical simplicity and interactive good humor experienced with the students in the classroom, The Etiquette of Kindness shares ideas, information and tips to help young people feel more at ease and self-confident in their daily surroundings. It speaks to the students straight-across, with respect for young peoples’ hopes, dreams, talents and challenges; it helps them gain opportunity-creating knowledge and skills for smoother, happier, more positive living and relationships.

On every page, the focus is on gaining skills and paying attention to how we treat each other. Just as in the classroom, mindful kindness-in-action is the basis for all suggestions and information we share.

Chapters cover subjects such as: bullying; wise, courteous phone and e-device use; kindly, capable communication; meeting-and-greeting; the importance and various forms of saying “Thank you!” and “Hello!”; presenting ourselves well; social and dining skills; simple grammar checks; making healthful choices; creating a life-enhancing “Attitude of Gratitude” . . .

One chapter, one heading, one sub-heading can easily be taken in small or large teaching bites to bring this timely, transforming, life-enhancing subject to students and to the adults who care about them. The Etiquette of Kindness provides inspiration and support for lively classroom and family conversations and exercises to expand critical thinking and student skills.

Additionally, at chapter ends there are concise summations and suggestions for further role-playing (students and teachers love this), contemplation, practice, or discussion opportunities.

Young people searching for help with their what, why, who, when and how questions about daily living, interacting with others and fitting-in; teachers seeking to find simple ways to broaden and deepen the skills they bring to their students; families wishing to bring added life skills to their children – all will find The Etiquette of Kindness – It’s Not Just About the Right Fork! a ready source for answers, ideas, interaction, humor and inspiration.

With The Etiquette of Kindness, young people become enlivened with skills and possibilities, with self-confidence and a positive, can-do attitude!

With The Etiquette of Kindness we see young people catch fire with kindness!