About the Author 


Suzanne-Marie English and The Etiquette of Kindness

For fourteen years, Suzanne-Marie has brought Etiquette Classes to sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Working with the children and their teachers, helping to identify and refine etiquette skills and manners and sharing with young people ways to interact kindly and courteously has been a delight and passion for her! Long a writer of poetry and short stories, Suzanne-Marie took seriously the requests of numerous parents and teachers to put the Etiquette Classes into book form. Thus, The Etiquette of Kindness – It’s Not Just About the Right Fork! came to be written.

Suzanne-Marie is a mother of four and, together with her husband, Richard English, is a grandparent of nine. She and her family live in the foothills of the Northern California Sierras. Along with her love of children and family, she is an enthusiastic enjoyer of Nature and delights in gardening and hiking, her dogs, cats, animals in general and anything to do with the ocean, rivers, streams and lakes! She may be contacted using our Contact page.

Alexander Orion Sparks

As the illustrator for The Etiquette of Kindness, Alexander Sparks captured in his artwork the sense of fun and enthusiastic spirit that the author wanted to convey. He brought fresh takes, inventive spins and great ideas to the illustrations for The Etiquette of Kindness – It’s Not Just About the Right Fork!

Alexander is currently completing his degree as a concept artist at San Jose State University. His passion for observation suffuses his artwork and guides his studies in science, philosophy and world affairs. He can often be found painting at a local coffee shop, if he is not programming, acting, or playing ukulele. Mr. Sparks lives in Northern California. You can visit his website HERE.